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How to Make Your Green Smoothie Really Smooth

You Can Make Your Smoothies Smooth

You want to make your green smoothies taste great. One of the best ways to do this is to make them smooth. Most people make smoothies that are too chunky (not blended enough), or too watery, like the smoothie shown below.

runny green smoothieHere are some key principles -

Get the Greens and Fats Blended First

1. Blend any greens and nuts and seeds with a little bit of water or fruit first. Get this blended really well. It will be warm, because you haven't added anything cold yet. This is OK. You aren't done.

Then Add the Frozen Fruit

2. THEN add frozen fruit last. Fruit doesn't take as much blending to be smooth, compared with green leaves or nuts and seeds. Always add some frozen fruit. Always blend more than once.

If you just add everything at once - your smoothies will not be as smooth.

Remember... first get your greens and fats blended really well. Then add frozen fruit to make your smoothie cold and sweet and thick, like the green smoothie shown below!

Thick Green Smoothie Really Smooth

I really blend my smoothies well - and people really like them and say, "Wow, you make the smoothies so much better than I do". I blend over and over again. I don't just let the blender "run" for a long time. You should be turning your blender on and off many times to get everything blended well.

Right when you turn the VitaMix on is when it really "grabs" the ingredients and sucks them from the top to the bottom of the container. So turning it on repeatedly is more powerful than just letting it grind for 60 seconds.

Do you have a method of getting your green smoothies smooth? Share it or other comments below:

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