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Green Smoothie King

Here are the basics for making ANY Green Smoothie in the world.

green smoothie picture1. Include the right ingredients. In my opinion, the best green smoothies have three main ingredients. These are fruit, green leaves, and some type of healthy fat (seeds, nuts, avocado).

2. Use a powerful blender such as a VitaMix or Blendtec. If all you have is a low-powered blender, by all means use it. However, once you try a VitaMix or Blendtec you'll see the difference.

3. Make your green smoothie cool. I don't mean cool as in "Awesome". Make awesome smoothies too, but I mean make it slightly cold. They just taste a little better to most people if they are cool (but not ice cold). Don't add too much ice, but use frozen fruit instead to make a thicker consistency.

4. Check out the recipes and other navigation links to the left to increase your vitality, lose weight, and think more clearly.

5. While I build this site - Check out Green Smoothie Girl and this Wikipedia article on Green Smoothies.

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