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Boost Health and Vitality with Green Smoothies!

Christopher and Kim Westra1. Increase YOUR Health and Vitality and Energy!

We can boost Health for 100 Million Visitors by the end of 2016. Check out the Green Smoothie Recipes and the other links over to your left.

2. Reach the Cumulative Goal of ONE BILLION Green Smoothies!

That is an average of 10 per visitor. Some people will make hundreds of smoothies and some might only make a few.

3. Help YOU and Others Lose 500 Million Pounds.

That's just 5 pounds average loss per visitor. Yes, Green Smoothies are super for weight loss because of the excellent natural nutrition and cleansing. You will feel better than you ever have.

4. Plant 50 Million New Fruit Trees and Start 50 Million New "Greens Gardens".

Let's get more people to grow more food locally. We can grow a significant portion of our food and our bodies and the earth itself will appreciate it.

5. Create more food on the earth by encouraging millions of people to eat lower on the food chain.

A meat based diet requires up to 10 times more land area to feed a person.

6. Increase Food Diversity in Our Diet.

Let's use the thousands of plant foods that our wonderful earth provides for us. Green Smoothies make it easy to use all kinds of fruits and green leaves and nuts and seeds.

Use the buttons below to share in these goals and help spread the health and vitality and the renewal of our earth! Help Kim and Christopher to reach 100 million visitors to this site and help people lose a total of 500 million pounds.

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Green Smoothies will help create a happier and more giving world! Happy bodies will help create a happier planet. Please add your comments below.

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